Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Update

It's been a busy summer and early fall. I've had a few complaints that I'm not updating as often as I should. Who, me? You mean one post a quarter isn't often enough? I guess not....

So what have we been up to? Well after Father's Day, our next major adventure was a visit from Barbara and Roger. I must say, they are the best house guests ever. We had a lovely time together. We ate... A LOT!!! Tried out some of the fancier restaurants in Ojai that I never get to. Took them for a trip down memory lane to Emma K. Woods Beach, where they stayed (memorably) on their honeymoon. Toured Ojai and saw Lake Casitas, which is always beautiful. Pictures, you ask? Well - I managed to mess up the cellphone camera, so it wouldn't save pictures (which was heartbreaking, because I got the BEST picture ever at Lake Casitas. No, really!) But somehow, I did get a few (proving once again my need for a class in photography.)

Brothers, on the ride home from Emma Wood. I think they like each other! And I think they're the cutest, smartest, most awesome boys ever, but maybe that's just me. =]

Barbara and Roger, who joined us in our weekly bowling event. They are watching Murphy bowl. Who said bowling wasn't exciting?

Eric, at Emma K. Wood State Beach. It was actually COLD. Murph and Dad went to put their tootsies in the surf; somehow Murphy got wet all the way to the neck. How'd that happen?

Anyway, Barbara and Roger's vacation was a very cool vacation for us too. They're so easy to be around (and are good at fending for themselves) so it's not stressful having them. I got to take a day or two off work. They inspired us to do stuff we should do more often, and I got daily hugs. What's not to love? And they made it home in one piece, which is always a good thing. We can't wait to have them back; they are always missed.

August was sock knitting and soccer camp; Murphy attended two sessions and had a blast. It's an international camp. They have coaches from the UK come over to teach the kids about soccer and about their country. Pretty cool. Murphy had a great time, and won a certificate or three.

Then school started. Murph is back in Montessori, with a new teacher he seems to like. Eric is taking a class at Ventura Community again; screen writing, which should be very helpful to him. He also (TA DA!!!!!!) got a job. WHOO HOOOO! He is working at our most favorite seafood restaurant, right here in Ojai. Sea Fresh. It's a must go to whenever we have company. You should smell the garlic... well, you probably can, right from where you are! We're really proud of him and right this minute I'm thinking we need to go there tonight....

Then came the day. September 7. A day of infamy. A very special somebody's birthday. MURPHY turned 8! We had a bowling party at the bowling alley. There was a cake, made with love and shaped like a bowling ball, and it was both chocolate AND vanilla!. There were friends, and pizza, and bowling, and presents. Balloons, even. Awesome, if I do say so myself. I actually got to enjoy it. A very nice time.

I can't believe my baby is eight. Sigh.

So what else? Peru is trying to record a demo CD of his music. I love his "Tribute to Freddie King." Trying to find some people to play with around. I'm still working. Still playing with fiber and knitting socks like crazy. Murphy's back in soccer, league play this time. His team is the "Golden Trout" and today he kicked his first in game goal . WHOO HOO!!

That's all I can think of for now. I probably missed a ton of good stuff, which is why I should blog more often so I can remember it! I'll try to do better - we all miss our friends and family who are away.