Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So today, I find myself in Nashville, TN. And it's cold, baby. No snow, though there were a few bare flurries this morning.

Being a California girl, I have nothing to cope with the icy blast. No coat, no shoes or boots. No mittens or scarves or hats. See, I thought I gave that all up when I moved here from Boston. I mean, sure, it gets cold in California, but (don't laugh)- it's a dry cold. Thirty degrees here doesn't feel as cold as thirty in Nashville, or in Boston. The moisture does penetrate more, somehow. Plus, the day may START at thirty, but it generally goes up to the forties or fifties in the winter daytime. So now, it's snowing.

I did have the foresight to knit myself some mittens. Bought the yarn (Misti Alpaca Bulky, yum!) at Anacapa Fine Yarns (thanks, Lois!) on Saturday, cast on as soon as I could get home and find a pattern, and finished them on the airplane. Hoping I have enough left for a basic hat to match. But my feet, in my see through clogs, are FREEZING. Think it's time to hit the outlets?

I'm here because I'm attending a seminar for work. In Alabama. So why am I in Nashville, you ask, astutely. Because the place the seminar is in is so far in the boonies that the nearest airport is - Huntsville. But what's in Huntsville? Nashville is the second closest. So tomorrow, at FOUR AM, thank you very much, I will be on the road, driving 2.5 hours to the class. Joy joy! I wanted to try to do some sightseeing in Nashville, but a backed up toilet, a broken coffee machine, and incorrectly programmed room keys have me in a bit of a tizzy. (Are we having fun yet?) Ever call the front desk to report an overflowing toilet? Ever get the answer "Would you like a plunger?)

I took some pictures but don't know if I can get them uploaded here, so they may have to wait. Not exactly picturesque; I'd forgotten how gray everything is in winter. In less than five years, I've truly turned into a California Girl.

Things could be worse.....