Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Second Video

And another song; same concert

The Concert - Human

We were there!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Killers at Santa Barbara Bowl

Last night we packed up the family and went to see the Killers at Santa Barbara Bowl. It was an awesome night.

The opening band was The New York Dolls. Something about that name sounded familiar to me, but I couldn't place it. So the band walks out on stage, and I'm looking, and wow, the lead singer looks familiar. You know how you know someone, but you can't remember their name? I tell Peru "That guy looks like that guy, you know, from the seventies, had an alter ego with a band, Johansen something?" So after their set was over, they're introducing the band members, and they say "Something Johansen." Wow. So I'm thinking maybe he's that guy's son or something. You know how it drives you crazy when you can't remember? So during the break between bands, I google madly and finally figure out YES, it IS David Johansen, from the New York Dolls in the seventies, and his alter ego was Buster Pointdexter. Wow. Very wild. Unfortunately, they do seem to be a shade of their former selves. Garage band was my comment; Peru didn't even think they were *that* good.

Then came the main event. Even watching the stage being set up was amazing. I haven't been to a rock concert in a number of years; the technology has advanced somewhat. Ok, I'm a relic. A light show to me is a couple of colored spotlights moving over the crowd. This was Mondo Beyondo. Banks of computers, three story video splash screens behind the band, fog, really amazing lights (the most beautiful blue color I've ever seen in light!). Murphy's eyes were like saucers. The pictures do not of course do justice to the reality; poor lighting, distance, a cell phone camera, and a poor photographer do not contribute to fabulous pictures. You can get an idea, though.

The best thing was that the music was awesome. They played really well. The music itself was interesting; I enjoyed the actual songwriting aspects much more than I expected. Good presence on stage, good interaction with the crowd. The drummer Ronnie Vannucci was fabulous, and not just because he gave us the tickets, being an extended relative and all. Fun to watch, fun to listen to. They had us all up dancing, even Peru! The Bowl was packed and the band had the crowd in their pockets.

Santa Barbara Bowl was great itself; our seats were fabulous; not too close, not to far, though I don't think there's a bad seat in the house. The staff was really helpful and friendly, even making sure Murphy had earplugs in case the music was too loud.

We all had a great time, so worth being out til midnight on a school night! Thank you to all who helped us get there.