Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Happenings!

Ok, so it's been a while again. We've had big things going on though, so I'll take some time to update you.

Murphy has been busy. Playing baseball, doing really great. The Tigers have clinched first place in the division; playoffs start next week. As does the home-run derby; we have high hopes for a run or three by our slugger.

On one hand, he's the jock, slugging it out on the baseball diamond, and running like a madman on the soccer field. But he's got his sensitive side; he takes after his Dad. He's learning guitar, and is a chip off the old block. This week Montessori had their annual Spring Sing, and the Mankins were stars!

Dad is teaching there, the very youngest kids, and he got them to sing some great songs. They were so cute you just wanted to squish them all.

Then Murphy got to play his first gig on guitar, head banging to Pantera's "Walk." The parents in the audience were a little taken aback, but the kids worked hard on something they really wanted to do. Murph was AWESOME.

There's more pictures coming soon, and some of my cool new office also; but enough for tonight.