Sunday, September 17, 2006

Snow in Ojai?

Peru was loading up for his gig last night, and it was the strangest thing; snow was falling! Okay, it's not really snow. It's ash. The Los Padres Forest Day Fire is relatively close to my house (as in, close enough to smell and see ash, not close enough to cause real worry). It looks remarkably like flurries, until you open the door and the smell hits you. I am a little concerned for my boss and his wife; their house is a whole lot closer to the fire, and may be part of the evacuation area. Hoping all is well with them!

The pictures below don't really give you the full effect; the white part of the ash doesn't show against white, and the black doesn't show against black, but you can get the idea. Remember, this car was clean less than 12 hours ago.
It's almost to the point where you can see your footprint walking outside. Freaky. So far, I don't think the fire has damaged any homes (other than that soot deal) but I'm not sure, and I know there are evacuation orders for upper Ojai. I'm waving DPNs (double pointed knitting needles) that they get it under control soon, and that no homes are damaged.

Will have pictures soon of some FO's; they're being held till the recipients get them. Can't wait to show you!

Which reminds me; if you visit my blog, please leave a comment once in a while; it's a little strange to feel like I'm posting to no one, makes me feel crazy, like I'm talking to myself. Let me know you've stopped by!


Elisa said...

We're getting ash in Camarillo too. Sure hope these winds end soon!

Cherizac said...

It's so wild; the air is such a strange color. Makes me want to just sit in my chair and spin, not breathing! I can't imagine the poor firefighters.

Thanks for saying hi!

Anonymous said...

but you look so cute talking to yourself :) ~ barbrialan

~Linda in Virginia said...

Hi! I stopped by! Now i've just got to come up with some kind of wool so I can do the fiber swap! Sure hope the fires are out soon! That's got to be REAALLY unnerving.. Cheers! ~Linda in Virginia

dornor said...

Thank you! thank you! for all the news of our wonderful family. from a very proud granma.