Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Saddest Day in History

I don't usually post here about politics but I'm so saddened/angry/frightened for my country I have to write about it.

With one stroke of a pen, George W. Bush did what Saddam and Osama and Hitler and Tojo and Castro couldn't do. He shredded the Constitution of the United States, and took away all of those freedoms he so proudly touts.

Just think about it. By simply signing his name to the Military Commissions Act of 2006 George Bush has removed the protections that made this country unique. That made the citizens of this country FREE. Now any person, anywhere in the world, US citizen or no, can be arrested, detained indefinitely, without recourse, simply on the President's say so. He also quite conveniently pardoned himself and his administration for any war crimes, past present and future.

People joke about King George. I think it's gone beyond that. He wants to be God.

Talk about power. What a rush for him! Don't like Cindy Sheehan's t-shirt? Don't have to arrest her and cause a public outcry anymore! Just disappear her. Keith Olbermann's "Special Comment" segment getting on your nerves? Poof! Gitmo for you! Toss in a little homo-erotic torture and some waterboarding in, just for fun.

How have we let this happen? How can it be that even stalwart Republican members of Congress cannot understand that this is wrong? Why are Democrats not SCREAMING about this? Why aren't WE THE PEOPLE not out in the streets, with torches and pitchforks to toss these criminals out?

We are no longer America. The land of the free, and the home of the brave? I don't think so.

Maybe we deserve it. We abdicated our responsibility to monitor our government. We somehow allowed this country to become a two party system; something our founding fathers warned us against. We've become so complacent, trusting our elected officals to be working in our best interest rather than for themselves. We pick one issue and elect people on what they say about that one issue, rather than picking the best person for the job. We're too busy watching "Dancing with the Stars" and following Paris Hilton's escapades and "Branjelina" new baby and Tom Cruise's Scientology meltdown to care that our government is killing us. Killing our soldiers in Iraq. Killing our children with poverty and ignorance. Killing our creativity buy killing our freedom of speech. Killing our self esteem with unemployment.

Even as Iraq continues to decompensate, and the administration continues to deny there's a civil war, and Afghanistan is falling again to the Taliban, and there's nowhere nearly enough troops there, even as North Korea tests their nuclear capacity again... the Eisenhower Strike team is headed for Iran to prepare for the next war. Have you heard about it in the news? Nope. They arrive on or about the 21st of October, just three short days. What happens next?

And what will happen to those who protest it? Will they be labeled "unlawful enemy combatants" and be rendered?

This is the darkest day in our history.

Where is the outrage?


Don Bangert said...

The bad news: Our slide into fascism is accelerating.

The good news: More Americans are finally noticing.

Once this slide becomes "common knowledge", change will occur. Let's just hope it is a change for the better.

Swanknitter said...

This is a time wen I am glad I no longer live in the US altho our PM (Australia's John Howard)is George's lapdog. I was thrilled to hear on thme Leherer report that the conservative Republicans are due to take a big hit in your next election. Le.t's hope it works because Amerians are not well liked anymore

The Spindling Scot said...

Mr Blair in the UK is just as bad, I am so glad I moved to France...

Sometimes I wish I could get some of the presidents and PMs of the world into the same room and throw away the key until they sorted themselves out.

On a nicer note...
I wrote to say hello, and hope you enjoy yourself with Spin Me A Treasure.


Anonymous said...

Well said-Wish I had the talent to write what I think as well as you do. Other comments esp from those ouside the U.S. are quite enlightening. Wish those in DC would take note of people like that and take their heads out of the sand.