Thursday, November 16, 2006

Anyone got a spare room?

I got home today to find FIVE packages on my doorstep! Three were boxes of fiber for the Breedswap I'm running. I now have ten very large boxes, and it's getting a tad crowded in my room. Anyone got a spare?

The other two were interesting. One was from Gary, a member of the guild, who VERY generously offered to help me fix my Baynes castle style wheel. It makes a clanking noise when treadled, kind of annoying. He thought that perhaps leather fittings on the footmen would be more flexible, and offered to replace the plastic pieces with custom made leather ones. Peru and I fit them on the wheel and they do seem to help a bit, maybe more after they get broken in. You can still hear a bit of a clank, but it's softer, and I can't feel it in my feet, so I shouldn't get tired so quickly. Thank you SO VERY MUCH, Gary!

The last package was my birthday present to myself. It's a parlor wheel, circa 1890, very tiny and SO light. It's amazing. I haven't quite managed to figure it out entirely; it's a double drive which I've never used before. The bobbin is so tiny, if it holds an ounce of fiber, I'd be surprised. The oriface is tiny as well, and I think it'll be suited to making lace. At least that's my guess! I've oiled it up but need to get better instructions on how a double drive is set up. Where's a guild meeting when you need one?

Yesterday, I got a new spindle, from Jen at Crowhill house. It's GORGEOUS! It's VERY heavy, maybe three ounces! I got it for plying. What really surprised me is that I was able to spin a fairly thin single on it. I'll try to get pictures up soon.

Time for bed. I think I may be coming down with a cold. I get sick out here way more often than I did in Boston. Winter. Gotta love it.


Elabeth said...

I just recently got a double drive Kromski Minstrel after learning on bobbin lead Louet and Babe wheels. I found a really good explaination of how double drive works here:

Anonymous said...

WOW, sounds like a wonderful day for you! This is your Spin-me-a-Treasure mystery swapper! They did not give me an email to contact you by...maybe you can leave me a little hint in a post here on your blog, as I will be keeping up to date with it, as every good mystery swapper should do! I have some wonderful fleece on the way, and it is DIVINE! I was sent a sample before I purchased, and I do believe it will be something you will LOVE! I will not reveil what it is just yet, but it is a fiber you have not listed as one you have worked with before. It is a favorite among spinners. Care to take a guess?! I will also plan on leaving it natural colored, and leave it up to you to decide what color to dye it. I love to play in dyes myself-so I know how it feels to dye something and have it come out sooo colorful!
Hope you day is filled with adventure!