Saturday, February 02, 2008

Long Time No Blog!

Well, the holidays did me in.

Birthdays, Christmas, New Years, more Birthdays. Not to mention 10 days of Jury duty. So blogging kind of fell by the wayside. But things are settling down, and settling very nicely.

Eric started back to college. He's taking a full slate of courses, English, Biology, Speech, and American Government. Mom, who's become a full blown political geek, is thrilled about that last, and plans on stealing his text at some point. He's doing well in all his classes, and seems to like them.

He also took an acting class, which ended last weekend with a public performance. He did really well; I was so proud! All the plays were interesting, and most of the actors were enjoyable enough to watch. He may continue the class, so we'll see if he gets to play yet another oddball character. (Why do they always choose him for the most bizarre roles?)

Murphy is growing like a weed, and doing well. Very sweet. Very smart. Very verbal. He's particularly good at math, which he MUST have gotten from his father. Soccer season is over, much to his disappointment, but t-ball shall soon step in to the rescue. He and Dad are preparing by playing lots of catch. Remember when he used to hit balls all over the living room at the age of 2? Ah, the good old days....

Peru and I are both well. Coming up on our 8th Anniversary, which is mind blowing. Feels like hardly any time at all has passed since our wedding. Amazing.

I'm still doing the SparkPeople thing. I've lost 55 pounds so far, in a little more than four months. It's getting easier; a lot of things have become habit, so I don't have to think about it so much. It's very gratifying to see my clothes starting to get loose. And even when my boss laughs at my lunch box full of fruit and veggies, I know he's pleased that I"m doing well.

I also got Dorothy's spinning wheel fixed. It's GORGEOUS! and I can spin on it, which is even better. It's a single treadle, so I can spin even when my knee is sore. Took me a while to figure it out; I'd never spun on that kind of a wheel before. Also took me a while to realize it was a double drive, and then a bit more to figure out how to use a double drive. But now I love it. It spins very fine yarns and is very relaxing to spin on. Thank you Dick and Elisa for doing such a great job on it!

My other new toy is a Blackberry. I had a Palm Treo, which I loved. It really helped me organize my life and remember things my ADD brain would normally forget. But I wanted to give it to Eric so it could organize HIS life and help HIM remember things his ADD brain would normally forget. So I bought a new Blackberry Pearl. Oh man, what fun! This phone does things you can't even believe. Including taking the pictures above. Much better than my Treo's camera, which I never bothered to use because the pictures were so grainy. I'm still learning things it can do. And it's TINY. Man. Technology.

I'm still knitting, mostly socks, when my tendonitis lets me. I presently am making socks out of the coolest yarn that Eric gave me for my birthday. Unfortunately, I making them sans pattern, and just tried them on, a few inches past turning the heel. I made the heel pocket a little large. So now I'm torn; frog back? Or keep going? My laziness and my want to wear the socks TOMORROW (I have a small problem with instant gratification, as some of you may have noticed) say keep going; but I love the yarn a LOT, and it's very special because Eric gave it to me, and I know I'll be much happier with them if they fit properly. So I'm leaning toward frogging; but don't yet have the guts to do it. I'll try to get pics soon, now that I can get good ones so easily!

So that's it for the update now; I'll try to do a bit better about blogging. You could encourage that end by leaving a comment to let me know that someone out there actually reads this thing!


Anonymous said...

I read it! I read it! Please post often, pleeeese pleeeese :D

LizzieK8 said...

I'm here! :::raising hand and frantically waving:::: Keep on posting!

Keep on knitting the sock. Afterall if they all fit perfectly we wouldn't appreciate them nearly as much!

Anonymous said...

your husband absolutely adores you..and your blog

Elisa said...

So thrilled you can spin on the wheel - and she makes lace-weight? How cool is that. Your wheel is one of the prettiest designs I've ever seen. It's the only non-castle wheel I've ever coveted. Spin happy

Dogmommy4 said...

Hi cheryl! I think you should keep on bloggin too. I found your blog through your post today on Spindlers. What caught my eye is that you live in Ojai and I am in Ventura. I (among other things!) am a knitter and lately felting what I'm knitting has been lots of fun. I have made many feet happy with my socks too. Years ago I used to knit argyles. If you thing the tags thing was annoying try ten bobbins hanging on a sock. About two months ago a friend gave me some of her alpaca and THAT led me to buy a drop spindle with the idea of working it up and knitting/felting it into something. So, now I have to teach myself to spin on the precious thing. I tried it - it was cool except I suspect the fiber is way too rough to be fun. I read this morning that I'm twisting it the wrong way-HUH!??! Anyway, maybe I'll get a chance to meet you at the V.C.H.S. guild meeting next Saturday. I am planning on dropping in.
So long...
Ginny Deppe

Cherizac said...

That's wonderful, Ginny! The guild is wonderful, everyone is very helpful and friendly, and I'd love to help you learn to spindle. I look forward to meeting you; I'm planning to make the meeting on Saturday, if my family co-operates!