Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What you missed

while I wasn't blogging. Here's some family pictures from the past few months.

Murphy, with the big ball of fur called Flash. Flash was groomed on Saturday and no longer is a big ball of fur, sadly. Pic to follow soon of our shorn puppy.

Here's Murphy at his school's fundraising Sportathon. He did more laps than anyone else, 104, IIRC. We were proud.

Murph, the power hitter. Even his coaches are amazed; he can hit righty or lefty, and really HIT. The Pride of the Angels.

Here he is at practice. Usually, he's the catcher, but here he's making the catch at first!

Dad and Murph playing catch over the duggout fence during an Angels game.

I'd love to post pictures of Eric, and maybe I will, someday; if he stays home long enough to pose. =] He's spending his days hiking in the hills of Ojai. And running Flash on his bike, which is greatly appreciated by all concerned.

So there's the update; we're all happy and mostly healthy and together. Life is Good.

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