Monday, March 29, 2010

More ramblings

Almost a month later and I'm still hanging. I'm better, but still go into coughing wheezing fits when I do anything much. Saw the pulmonologist, who was very nice, helpful and sympathetic to the cost of all these inhalers. He gave me a new med and was thoughtful enough to give me three packages, enough to last six weeks so I could avoid the $200 copays. I went back last week to have pulmonary function tests, and I go back next week to follow up. So I'm slowly working a little around the house, trying to get some stamina back. Hoping to get back to work next week.

Speaking of work... Eric got a job! There's a new Quiznos opening up and he's working there right now helping to finish setting up the store. He likes the people he's working with, which is always a good thing. YAY, Eric!!!!!

Murphy started his baseball Little League season doing really well, but somewhere along the line he hurt his leg. He's limping and unable to play right now; checking with the doctors tomorrow to see if he'll be able to play on Thursday. Get better soon, Murph, and GO TIGERS!!!!

In my down time here, I've knitted a pair of ankle socks, finished a pair of crew socks I started last year, and started a new lace scarf project. Might get around to spinning some of Flash's first cut soon too! Pics later. Maybe.

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