Saturday, April 03, 2010

Family Updates

Murph had a game today, and played GREAT! They won (GO TIGERS!!!!). His leg is getting better through strategic rest, proper stretching, and advil. He still isn't back to normal, but he can run well enough to play. Today he played first base, and he's getting really good at it.

Flash seems healed too. He's done with his anti-inflamatory meds and isn't limping anymore. He's back to jumping all over everyone and slobbering us all with kisses. We are very VERY happy about it.

Eric's had a bit of a delay with his job; worked for the first week, but complications (having nothing to do with him!) forced a delay in opening; hopefully next week he'll get to go back.

Billy, here to have some eye surgery in Ventura, is recuperating and going wild on our yard; the orange tree in the back looks better than it ever has done since we've been here. He's currently ripping up the sprinkler system to find a leak. He's an amazing guy! He even tackled the "stuff" garage, which is so far above and beyond the call. He found my music I'd written a decade ago; I"m so grateful!

Peru and I celebrated our TENTH anniversary on April 1. It has gone by in a flash. Doesn't seem possible it's been ten years. They've been the happiest years of my life, and I thank you, my beloved. I am praying for many decades more.

I'm still recuperating too. Breathing is better, though I still get short of breath with physical labor. Life has pretty much returned to normal. I go for my follow up visit to the pulmonologist on Monday to be cleared.

At the end of the month, Barbara is coming to visit; I can't wait! It'll be so good to see my asbestos friend.

Happy April to All!

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