Friday, August 20, 2010

We figured out how to upload pics, finally!

Pathetic, I know. But at least we did it!

I'll upload a bunch of pictures here now, but I want to notify anyone who follows this blog (is there anyone, really?) that I am going to be moving my blogs around a bit. I plan to end up with three blogs; Madhyatmika, for my health/spiritual/personal journey, this one, which will be moved to WordPress as a retail site for my handmade goods, and a new family blog, yet to be named, for all family things. I find WordPress much easier to use in a number of ways (sorry Blogger!) and think I'll be far more likely to post more often there.

So for right now, here's the last year, in pictures.

Last Thanksgiving. The Beloved, and cousin Kevin, passed out on the couch after an overage of Turkey Dinner. Aren't they adorable? To me, this is the greatest compliment to a cook. Can't wait for this year! (Vegan Turkey, anyone?)

Then, Halloween. We didn't seem to get any pictures of the costume, but we did get some of Murphy's first attempt at one of my favorite Halloween games. It's harder than it looks! Is this just a New England thing?

My asbestos friend Barbara came to visit us, and we had a blast. Here and gone way too fast. And of course, not enough pictures. (When will I remember to take them?!)

And then, just one lone picture of Eric. We were at Los Corporales, just this month, watching the Beloved play the blues. (I did get some pictures of that too; maybe I'll get them up soon.) It was a fun night. There is nothing better than having your family around on a cool summer night, listening to some awesome music.

That's it for now; but be on the lookout for the new blogs; hope to see you there!

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