Friday, April 27, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

Or doesn't, more accurately. Murphy has lost another tooth. I'm telling you, the tooth fairy is in danger of bankruptcy. So for those keeping count; he now has three empty spaces, the remaining top incisor is quite loose, and several other teeth are slightly loose. He'll soon be living on applesauce, ice cream and pudding!

On the knitting front, I have finished my first pair of adult socks! WHOO HOOO! These are knitted in Regia Bamboo on size 3 dpns, for those who care. Next time, I'm dropping down a needle size, as the fabric is more floppy than I'd like. Overall, however, I'm very pleased. The pattern is from, the Twisted Rib socks. I really like them. Especially the not having a one inch deep ridge in my ankle when I take them off! I've already cast on for my next pair, which is also from the Knitpicks site; the Moc Croc ones. They're a really cool colorway. When I get a few rows done, I'll try to post a pic.
No news yet on the arthroscopy. Still hobbling with the cane; some days better than others. Today wasn't too bad; on Wednesday I was begging to be shot. I am grateful, really; I know it could be that bad all the time.
Tomorrow is Guild; I hope it's a good day or it'll be a short meeting for me.

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