Thursday, April 19, 2007

Still Alive!

Ok, so it's been a while. This has been a rough winter with sickness and other medical issues; luckily it's really all been annoyances rather than anything truly serious. Still, wearing and depressing and frustrating at times. I finally got over the respiratory plague I had for December and January, only to have my very old knee injury flare up in a major way. So I'm hobbling about with a cane in fair to middlin' pain, awaiting the old insurance company's approval of an MRI, to be followed (we assume) by arthroscopy surgery.

Meanwhile, Murphy has now lost a total of four teeth, and currently has two gaping holes in his mouth, having lost one of the top front teeth. He reports that six others are loose too; he may end up eating nothing but applesauce!

Eric is in a new play, to debut tomorrow night. He plays a corpse. Apparently he has more lines than you'd think. It sounds like a VERY... uh... interesting play, and I can't wait to see it.

Peru is up for sainthood. I mean, truly! It's been one thing after another and he's had to take care of me, the kids, the house, the shopping, everything. By himself, for the most part. And he's not complained once; never groused, never resentful, just does what needs to be done. Have I mentioned this man is amazing? And on April 1st (Yes, April Fools Day!) we celebrated our seventh anniversary. Yikes! I can't believe it's been that long! But very much the best years of my life.

In fibery news, I've finally got the Breed Swap under control. About twelve boxes have gone out, most of the rest are packed and ready to go. Again, poor Peru has to deal with this, as I'm not able to carry many boxes holding a cane! I hope to get the rest out this weekend.

Monumental to me is that I've finally conquered knitting socks! I tried several times before and got frustrated. Finally, it dawned on me that if I started small I might have better luck, so I made a pair of baby socks; and now I get it! I understand the construction, and that helps. So I made two pair of that pattern, then another pattern of baby socks, and then I tried some boot socks. They were going to be for my BBF Barbara but unfortunately, they fit Murphy.... so I tried one more time and I DID IT! Ok, so far, only one is knitted, but I did cast on for the second sock last night. It's the knitpicks twisted cable pattern, and I'm doing it in Regia bamboo yarn; very interesting! But the first sock is done, kitchenered, and it fits! The next challenge is to try the two circ method...

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Elisa said...

So sorry to hear you're still having health problems. Hope you are feeling better very very soon. (Hooray on the MRI!) Murphy is so cute; I love the 'look ma, no teeth' stage with kids.

Congrats on mastering knitted socks. How about trying crocheted socks now? I could teach you . . . . .

See you soon. (Spinning is next Thursday night at Anacapa Yarns. Hope you can join us!)