Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Family Updates

I'm totally heartbroken. Murphy lost his first tooth on Monday, sometime. We don't know exactly when, because it appears he must have swallowed it. I so wanted to save it. It brought me to tears, my baby is growing up so fast! I still have most of Eric's teeth in a medicine bottle in my jewelry case, collected by the tooth fairy over the years. Such a milestone! Since he lost the tooth, we didn't have one to put into the "Tooth Fairy Pillow," so we left the tooth fairy a note. "Dear Tooth Fairy, Sorry I swallowed my tooth. I really wanted a penny from you. Love, Murphy." The Tooth Fairy was very understanding and left him a whole dollar!

Eric is making plans to attend Ventura College; he took the entrance exam and received 40/44 out of 40/45. I'm so proud of him, in so many ways. He's so patient with his adoring little brother, and he's so much better a person than I was when I was his age. Oh dear, I'm going to be the mother of a college student! I literally burst into tears when he brought me his cap and gown today.

My DH has been doing some work with the elderly. He's going to be teaching a computer class twice a week. He and I have both started our diets again, and I'm so proud of him. He's working really hard at it, which motivates me so much. The hardest part is changing your thinking, and he's making huge strides.

And a miracle; right now, we're all relatively healthy! A few scattered allergy symptoms, but nothing worse, thank goodness. It's been a while! It's been a very long winter.

Another miracle: I finally packed away the Christmas decorations. It's only April, after all! We took them down in February, but I've been so sick and tired I just never had the energy to do the intensive planning necessary to pack so much into so little space. But I finally did it last night. Tonight? The dreaded right corner of the bedroom. I'm motivated for that one though; that's where the Gem is going to go!

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