Monday, May 08, 2006

Latest Doings

Haven't posted for a while as I've been sick, again. Finally, thanks to major antibiotics I'm "Much better now." The only good thing about being sick was I spent mucho time crocheting and knitting and spinning. Here are the fruits of my labors.

This bag is a Mother's Day gift for my Mother in law, who is much missed. The decoration on the bag is a handmade beaded brooch I discovered in a drawer. I thought it was the perfect accent.

This one is for my Mom for Mother's Day. I wish the picture showed the yarn better. It's a thin/thick slub yarn in greens and coral, wrapped in a gold metallic thread. It makes the bag textured and interesting to look at.

This tote may well be one of my favorite creations. The purple yarn at the top was my first foray into the world of dyeing. I like the size of the bag, and I really like how substantial the handles are. My problem now is what do I do with it? Keep it for myself? Or plan something special?

I also created this shawl. It's a mixed media, both knit and crochet. I used a drop stitch pattern and edged it in single and double crochet. I'm pleased with it, as I was trying for a lacy looking wrap, but I have to admit that it's purely ornamental and not useful for warmth at all!
Here's a close up of the stitch.

Aside from these, I've been spinning, spinning, spinning. Still working with the mill end browns on the Majacraft, and the silk on the Bossie. Tomorrow, maybe I'll post pictures of the new silks I ordered...


Caidance said...

I LOVE the one in the second picture. LOVE IT!!! Do you sell them? I can't find a link. If you do my e-mail is It's a great bag.

Elisa said...

Love the purses! Are they from your own pattern or can you tell me where you found it? Lovely, lovely work (as always)!

Cherizac said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments! Both bags are loosely based on a bag from "Stitch N Bitch -The Happy Hooker" book. I modified the green and coral one a LOT, the plain green one just a little. I'm realy glad you liked them!