Sunday, May 21, 2006

There you go again...

Well, it's been a busy few days. First, Thursday night Murphy's school had their annual "Spring Sing." It was quite lovely, and Murphy did a wonderful job singing. Here's a few pictures:

It was pretty sweet. He looked so grown up in his suit, and he sang with such enthusiasm. We all were very proud of him.

Then Friday night, I took out his stitches. The area looked good, so we band-aided it up and sent him off to sleep. Saturday, his friend Ryan from school had a birthday party. Murphy had talked about this party all week! So we sent him armed with a Spiderman action figure and some kisses and instructions to behave! Mommy did not realize that there would be a Jolly Jumper there. Guess who came home with a bloody chin? He managed to split the area open again. So Mommy weighed the semi healed wound with the trauma of another emergency room visit and possible stitches and made the executive decision to steri strip it and forbid any further jolly jumper rides! The wound edges approximated well, so hopefully he won't have much of a noticeable scar.

While Murphy was busy ripping open his wound, I was busy with my dyeing project. I took four ounces of Merino wool and hand painted it. Murphy had requested green, blue and brown, which rather surprised me as his favorite color has always been red. I did opt for purple rather than brown. Here is the initial picture, with the dye painted but not set.

Here's the roving after the rinse and dry. It's not quite as bright as I would have liked it, since I didn't actually follow directions or anything. I just kind of winged it, and probably should have used more dye, especially of the green. But I kinda like it anyway.

It's very compressed and I'm a little concerned I might have felted it, but it does seem to pull apart, so maybe it will be okay. I'm going to try another batch and try to agitate it less. I'll pick one to try spinning myself before I send it off to my Dyeing for Spring exchange partner.

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