Thursday, May 25, 2006


I have now completed three pairs of crocheted socks. The first was really an experiment, made with acrylic baby yarn, which was the only light weight yarn I had at the time. The next two pairs I made with sock yarn.

The first pair (now stretched out because I actually wore them today!) I really like, except the fit is terrible. I have such big feet (size 12) that I was afraid they wouldn't be big enough, so I erred on the large size at every possible opportunity. The result is that when I wear them, I have a mutant second heel over the top of my shoe. But I added the little lacy decoration at the top on my own; it wasn't in the pattern, and I really like it. Live and learn!

The current pair looks stunted, because I over compensated due to the above problem; however, they aren't very much too small, and I think when worn will be fine. They're more comfortable than the other pair, but the thick cuff on them leads toward winter use only. The next pair I make I think I will shorten the cuff by half and possibly only rib the outside fold to make it less bulky. Add a row or two more to the foot length, and they'll be perfect! I really enjoyed the top to toe pattern, much more so than the toe up pattern.

My other WIP is a crocheted scarf, made from a pattern in the Crochet a Day Calendar. It's very interesting how the flowers are made right within the row. Unfortunately, between the bad lighting and needing severe blocking, they aren't very visible in the pictures.
When it's completed and blocked I'll try again. The yarn I'm using makes it very tedious. It's an alpaca yarn I bought on ebay, one of my very rare bad experiences. It took well over a month for it to be delivered, and it's very poorly plied, so it splits constantly. But it is lovely and soft, so the finished product should be ok. I hope.

I have lots of spinning work to do this weekend, and dyeing too, so I'm trying to get my needle work done. But there's a lovely handbag in the One Skein book that just came in the mail today, and it's tempting me....

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed -- I can't imagine making socks. But then, you've always been creative :)