Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First Wheel Yarn

Finally! It's done! My very first wheel spun yarn. I have a full pound of this brown tweed yarn, looks to be about a dk weight, but I haven't measured it yet. It's plied, washed and skeined and seems to be fairly balanced. I'm so thrilled! The early spinning, mostly gathered into a 6 oz skein, pictured, is less even, less consistent than the end part, in a separate skein. I think that for a first effort, it's pretty decent. What looks blue in the picture is actually white, and far less noticeable in the actual yarn.

I also received my first skein from my "One Skein" secret pal. It's Peace Fleece and has a wonderful story behind it. It's a very pretty teal with flecks of red and green. My secret pal sent a pattern for a nice tote bag with the yarn, and I may very well make it, given my current love affair with making bags. It seems she may read my blog..... Thanks, Pal!


Anonymous said...

Wow - it looks like real yarn! :)
Congratulations. I can't wait till I can see the stuff in real space.

Jill Schaefer said...

Nice yarn! Congrats on conquering the wheel. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great First Yarn! You did a fantastic job.
A Natural Fiber Artist.

Peggy in Utah

Pixie said...

I surfed to your blog through the Mystery Stole list -- and I just finished socks made with this same colorway of Trekking. This brand is one of my favorites for socks, and this particular colorway comes out great!