Saturday, June 03, 2006

Project Updates

I've started my Trek Along Socks. Oh my. I now know why I like crochet; it's so much faster! I've worked several hours on these socks and only have about an inch and a half or so of ribbing. I'm using size 0 needles, yikes! They're like toothpicks! And getting used to four needles is a trip. But so far, I like the look. I'll be lucky if I can finish them before the entire "along" is over. The parameters are: "Start Date June 1 st – End date August 31 st. You should take a picture, at least once a month (twice would be better) of you and/or your sock on a hiking trail during June, July and August. Post the picture here or on your blog with a link left here for us to follow." I'll be lucky to finish the socks by September! But if I'm really that slow, I'll just trek a bit and knit there, and take a picture. Ok, so I'm not really the hiking type. It's more than likely going to be the bike path behind my house, but it'll still get me out of the house and maybe get Murphy to Libbey Park.

Next project is another knit, mercifully a much faster pattern. It's the
Berroco Brea Bag which is made with a double strand of worsted weight yarn. I'm using a pound skein of a commercial acrylic that I've had hanging around. It's actually a good choice (though I'm not wild about the color, whichi is kind of a grey olive green) because it's stiffness will help keep the bag's shape. I've completed one side, and need to duplicate it, then make a strap. The pattern shows a purchased one, but I may knit or crochet one. I'll decide when I have the bag together.

Finally, the Dyeing for Spring Exchange. The idea was to take 4oz of wool roving, dye it and send it to a partner from the Spindler's List. Yesterday, I received mine from Elisabeth in CT. It's just lovely, a beautiful lime green, and the thing I'm most excited about is that it's Border Leicester wool, which I have been really wanting to spin. Thank you, Elizabeth! As for my contribution, I attempted another batch yesterday. I wanted a kind of dark blend. I used red, blue, purple, and just a touch of black. I didn't quite get what I wanted. the red went hot pink, the blue went purple, and the black just... went. I actually do like the result; it's just not what I was trying for. I understand that happens a lot when dyeing! It also compressed a lot after dyeing, so perhaps that's just the way it is. I'm not sure which I'm going to send, batch one or batch two, but I'd better decide soon; I want to get it in the mail today! Then it's off to try plying on my wheel; Elisa E. from the Spindler's List gave me a TON of advice and I really want to figure this out. I have three bobbins of the brown tweed to ply and one each of white mohair and seamist silk. Please don't let me screw them up!

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