Thursday, June 08, 2006

Update on Dyeing Exchange

Jen at Crowhill House Fiberworks has been fabulous. She sent me a picture of the roving I dyed which she took after putting it through her drum carder. She also separated the colors. Here's what it looks like: Amazing! It's so fluffy and soft! Then she spun up a sample skein.
Here's the results: I can't believe it. It's.... cool!
I can't wait for the next guild meeting to borrow the drum carder. Guess what's at the top of my Christmas list?

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Elisa said...

It's beautiful! You did a great job on the dyeing. You should call (or email) Sharon and get on the list for the carder. I know someone has borrowed it for this month; hopefully you can get it for next month. (Let me know if you need her email addy). Congrats on your gorgeous rovings!